Back in the land of house-boys
January 10th, 2006 by teragram

Now that I’ve gotten a couple of hours work done (before lunch!) I feel I can write a blog entry: not only without feeling guilty, but also without sounding whiney. Yesterday’s attempt was too whiney to post, I’m afraid.

Christmas was wonderful. It was everything Christmas should be. We spent lots of time with both our families. We saw more of our friends than we’d hoped, though less than we would have liked. We ate more Christmas dinners than anyone could reasonably ask for, all of them excellent. It was full of good food and warmth and gentle, relaxing comfort.

It’s strange but good to be back here, with such familiar strangeness. I expect we’ll know within the next couple of weeks whether we’ll be going to China (or anywhere else) after we’re finished here. I definitely want to spend a couple of months at home first if we do, but I’m really excited about the possibility.

I sure hope I pass my driving test the first time. I’m expecting to get a date in May, which means I won’t have a lot of time to practice. But I’d really like to have it before we head off anywhere else. Even if I don’t end up driving in any other countries, I’d like to have all that out of the way.

Well, short as this entry is, I should get back to work. Miracle of miracles! I actually feel like working. God is good.


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