Bye bye, RedBrick
January 18th, 2006 by teragram

I have finally let my RedBrick account die. (RedBrick is the computer society at Dublin City University). I first got the account way back in 1997 during my brief sojourn at DCU. You could say RB is where I first met C, and it’s certainly where I got to know a lot of my friends. RedBrick gave me my first email address, my first introduction to Unix, my first website. It (because of the people I met there) made my time in DCU bearable. Not bearable enough to stay there, of course.

The email address will still work until October or so, but it’s set to forward everything to another account of mine. I spent a long time downloading all the data from the account onto my laptop. I’ll have to got through it all, and delete what I don’t need. There’s some stuff I’ll keep for nostalgia’s sake though: like the instructions C gave me for using ftp the first time.

It’s such a strange feeling, letting go of old stuff like that. I was seriously tempted to renew the account, once I realised it had expired. But I have too many email addresses, and it really is time to let it go. It feels a bit like throwing out old pieces of paper that you never look at except when you tidy your room and agonise over whether or not to throw them out. There’s something cleansing about it.

Unfortunately, the hours spent nursing WinSCP through the download of 8 and half years of accumulated files – while it was being hampered by our ultra-shitty ‘net connection – have aggravated my already-acting-up RSI. Less Internet for me! So not only is this entry rather short, but it probably won’t be replaced for at least a few days.

See you when the pain and numbness recede,

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