Il était une fois … le grand nez
Jan 25th, 2006 by teragram

While suffering an immense hangover yesterday, I was bitten on the nose by a moquito. The little monster woke me up with her horrifying sqeal. Oh the thought of that sound makes my spine shiver, like nails on a blackboard. It never developed into a big itchy lump, but it did make the tip of my nose weirdly tingly and numb at the same time. I tried to take a picture, but as you can see, it didn’t work.

What it did do was remind me of an animation series I used to watch when I was a kid. “Once upon a time … life”. It was a clever series that snuck education into entertainment. The only episode I remember in any detail was about tetanus. I can picture all the little white blood cells with their big noses heroically fighting the infection. It was great. So I looked it up, and found that are selling the boxed set. So I bought it 🙂

It would be nice if there were English subtitles or something, but I’d be surprised. Still, it’ll help me practice my French.

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