How do you even talk about these things?
Feb 1st, 2006 by teragram

An old college friend of ours (mine and C’s) died over the weekend. He was also a colleague of C’s at The Company. It’s the first time either of us have really missed home so much. He was a private guy, so I didn’t know him very well, but I have some nice memories of him. One time he misunderstood an internet posting I had made (entirely my fault – I can be confusing) and thought that I was saying I was pregnant (which I wasn’t, and amn’t). He suggested that someone should design a My First Unix Box. He was a funny guy.

He didn’t generally go to many parties or events, but he came to our after-honeymoon-party thing. I didn’t recognise him at first; he’d changed a lot since college. He really seemed to be enjoying it, and he told me “I go to weddings”.

I did a web-search on him the night I heard. It was one of those morbid things you end up doing when you don’t know what to do with yourself after getting such news. I didn’t find much that said very much about him. It was just technical posts on technical threads.

I’m very sad that he’s gone, and that I’ll never get a chance to get to know him properly. I hadn’t cried until I read this thread, but something about seeing all those friends from “the old days” talk about him made me burst into tears. I wish we could all meet up in a quiet pub somewhere and just talk for hours.

Rest in peace Dave.

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