Show me the way to go home …
April 3rd, 2006 by teragram

So it’s been a while since I wrote here, and you’ve probably already noticed that this is a short one. I have plans for a long entry about my trip back to Nancy, and I will write it, but I’m too busy for that this week.

We’re coming home this Friday. It’s sooner than we had intended, but we’re glad. We had intended to travel a bit before coming home, but for various reasons two weeks rest sounded better than two weeks galavanting around India. We found a house to rent, really near C’s work, and we’ve put down the deposit. That’s a nice feeling, having our own place to come home to.

So anyway, we’re really looking forward to seeing all of you, but we’re tired and have a lot to organise, so we’ll probably be laying fairly low for a couple of weeks. Once we’re settled, we’ll start inviting you around to our new place. \o/

See y’all soon,

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