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July 20th, 2006 by teragram

I’ve decided to fast from World of Warcraft until I get back from Canadia. Well it won’t be so much fasting while I’m away as not having access, but I’m giving it up voluntarily from now till I go away, so I don’t get to play again till I come back. See?

As a result of not playing this evening I fixed furiousthinking. Welcome back to the front page, yellowsnow :). Well, I fixed it by getting the latest version of planet, but that was hard! If you have any suggestions for layout, let me know.

Aaaannnyway. Don’t you think the idea of fasting from a computer game is interesting? Fasting from food is Not A Good Idea for me. Food affects my mood to an unreasonable degree, so just one day with three meals of two slices of toast puts me in a very strange humour altogether. It kind of defeats the purpose(s). I do want to fast though. The idea of giving up something that is not in-itself bad, for a fixed period, intrigues me. Every time you resist, it’s like a prayer. And the ways you’re tempted to give in remind you of the tricks of temptation that lead you to go against a decision you’ve actively made.

I re-read the Screwtape Letters yesterday, and it got me thinking about temptation (as it would 🙂 ). Giving in to temptation is giving up that little bit of autonomy. It’s like you didn’t make the choice, you gave in. I suspect that’s part of what God means by the need to kill the self to be truly free. Giving in to the demands of your hind-brain is not freedom, but choosing to do what a loving God asks of you, that really is! Meh, I’m not sure I’ve expressed that at all well, but I feel like I’m on the cusp of seeing it from a new angle. If I find a better way of phrasing it (and language is, after all, a bulldozer for thought) you will be the first to know, dear readers.


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  • Saoili writes:
    July 21st, 20064:32 pmat

    LJ lets me try to post replies on your blog but I don’t know if it works so I’m going direct this time.

    I find that food (or rather lack thereof) usually effects my mood that strongly too. Probably genetic :). But for some reason it’s different fasting. I think once I’m doing it intentionally I get past a certain point where it doesn’t bother me at all. There is a wonderfully spiritual and cleansing feeling to fasting. There have been several days when I have just decided to not eat for a day. I have heard that physically it’s quite good for you to do so occasionally. An important thing to do is choose a day where you’re not planning on doing much though. Actually, it’s probably been too long, I should do that again. Though I think I’ll wait till after Canada :).

    I’m glad to hear you’re fasting from WoW. It’s a nasty life eater.

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