What if zefrank is scripted?
Aug 25th, 2006 by teragram

What if the scientologists are the un-scientologists? What if Renee is not a real person? Being cynical is all very well, but it can lead to uncomfortable thought-loops.

On the other hand, potting plants is a very calming pastime. It takes a particular kind of concentration, and it is an exercise in hope. If my camera was working, I’d show you my newly re-homed Thyme and Basil. Thyme is going to try living outdoors for a while. Hopefully the weather won’t be too wet for it. Basil is much too juicy, and would likely go the way of poor Coriander. Death by aphid. Mint is flowering! Have you ever seen mint flowers? They smell minty, but when you think about it, that’s probably the mint rather than the flowers.

You should read At Swim-Two-Birds. Then explain all the jokes I’m missing to me. Favourite line so far: “It was the late summer, a humid breathless season that is inimical to comfort and personal freshness.”

Tg – minty fresh

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