Wot! no recipe?
October 10th, 2007 by teragram

Despite all appearances, this is not a cookery blog. I have been thinking about, and experiencing, things other than food in the last few months, but none of them have made it onto your screens. Some of them would be inappropriate, some of them would be boring, but mostly they would be my PhD. Yes, I am in the final phase of the final phase. My deadline is the 31st of October. It is particularly unfortunate then, that the only “writing” I managed to do today had to be undone because it was wrong. *sigh*

Well the icecream van has stopped playing the incessant tones of a nursery rhyme I can’t quite place, or else has moved out of earshot. The Boy Next Door is not playing his guitar, strains of AC/DC riffs degenerating into random twiddling. So why am I writing this, instead of writing that? Responsibilities in the morning and celebrations in the evening are sandwiching my day, and the sandwich filling (work) has all squeezed out the sides. If only my work were more like jam. I do hate that feeling of doing a few domestic bits and pieces, grabbing a bit of lunch, reading a few mails to settle in, and then realising that there’s one hour till I have to get ready to leave, and nothing on my todo list that could be satisfactorily done in less than two.

Rest assured my friends, when I have fallen off the cliff of graduation, doggy-paddled in the sea of directionless-despair and swum to the shore of whatever’s next this blog will return to its standard, scintillating service.

Tg – in the court of king Caratacus

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  • Sorcha writes:
    October 10th, 20074:29 pmat

    “Tg – in the court of king Caratacus”

    Now that’s just weird. I mentioned this song to John yesterday and couldn’t think of the word.

    Btw, are you coming to my perfect fit party? October 21st in Mam’s around 3.

  • Sorcha writes:
    October 10th, 20074:29 pmat

    Or October 20th rather. 21st is Go Karting, which you’re also invited to 🙂

  • teragram writes:
    October 11th, 20079:46 amat

    Do I have to decide now? 🙂

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