Check out my victory dance!
Jul 18th, 2008 by teragram

Many thanks to whoever wrote this page: We now have a working Samba server, set up by little old me! C did a very good job of deflecting me towards man pages and so on, rather than answering my questions directly, so I feel pretty chuffed with myself for getting it done!

In other news: I’m still waiting to hear from my PhD examiners. The bound thesis has to be submitted by next Friday, so it’s getting fairly urgent. I sure hope they’re not on their holidays or something.


P.S. I know this isn’t a terribly exciting post after such a long hiatus, but that’s all you’re getting for the moment. I bet you can’t wait for all the “the baby burped today, and it was sooooo cute” posts.

Wot! no recipe?
Oct 10th, 2007 by teragram

Despite all appearances, this is not a cookery blog. I have been thinking about, and experiencing, things other than food in the last few months, but none of them have made it onto your screens. Some of them would be inappropriate, some of them would be boring, but mostly they would be my PhD. Yes, I am in the final phase of the final phase. My deadline is the 31st of October. It is particularly unfortunate then, that the only “writing” I managed to do today had to be undone because it was wrong. *sigh*

Well the icecream van has stopped playing the incessant tones of a nursery rhyme I can’t quite place, or else has moved out of earshot. The Boy Next Door is not playing his guitar, strains of AC/DC riffs degenerating into random twiddling. So why am I writing this, instead of writing that? Responsibilities in the morning and celebrations in the evening are sandwiching my day, and the sandwich filling (work) has all squeezed out the sides. If only my work were more like jam. I do hate that feeling of doing a few domestic bits and pieces, grabbing a bit of lunch, reading a few mails to settle in, and then realising that there’s one hour till I have to get ready to leave, and nothing on my todo list that could be satisfactorily done in less than two.

Rest assured my friends, when I have fallen off the cliff of graduation, doggy-paddled in the sea of directionless-despair and swum to the shore of whatever’s next this blog will return to its standard, scintillating service.

Tg – in the court of king Caratacus

I was to be a ham
Oct 10th, 2006 by teragram

I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time this weekend. I was blown away. The word ‘polished’ has some negative conotations, ‘perfected’ would be a better word. The story flows immaculately, the characters are deep and rounded, the setting becomes real for you as you read. I literally cannot praise it highly enough. So I’ll stop trying and just say this: read it; if you’ve read it before, read it again.

C & I have walked into town three nights in a row this week. Living in the city centre is joyful. 30 minutes walk to laser video! We got out The Life Aquatic which I was surprised by. It’s really good, and if I hadn’t just read “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I’d be praising it from a height.

On Monday I’m going to be wishing I was a ham. I have an exam. Ham’s don’t have to do exams. They do get boiled, but I’m pretty sure they don’t feel it. The exam is the last hurdle in my Open University course. I’m very happy with how I’ve done so far (I averaged 85.73% in my essays), but the OU have this silly policy where your final grade is not an average of your continuous assessment and exam scores, but the lower of the two. If I want to get a distinction rather than a Grade 2 pass (it sounds much worse, doesn’t it?) I have to get 85% in my exam. If I get 50% in the exam I get a Grade 4 pass. *sigh* we shall see what we shall see.


*fidget* … *twitch*
Jul 19th, 2005 by teragram

I don’t like being the only one posting to furiousthinking. I’ve never blogged so frequently before, and no-one else has started blogging here yet. The front page is filling up with little daisies, and it’s just not right.

So, I’m thinking about quitting my PhD. That’s right, I’ve had enough. I’ve done up a list of pros and cons. This is how it goes:


  • ++ freedom
  • + I get to do dressmaking
  • + I get to do a dressmaking course
  • – I don’t get any more funding
  • + I’ll have time to volunteer in India
  • – I might regret it
  • – I might suffer intellectual death and turn into a zombie-lady
  • + other people who actually want to get a PhD might get the funding I would otherwise be taking
  • + I get to write my book (no, not a novel, but I’m not telling you what it is)
  • + I get to look into my Business Idea (no, I’m not telling you that yet either)
  • total = +++

Do the PhD

  • + I’ve started, so I should finish
  • – I hate it
  • – There’s no long term benefit from having done it except:
  • + I could call myself Dr Teragram, and boys might take me a little bit more seriously
  • +/- I would have to read and understand the B-book
  • total = 0

Do a Masters instead

  • – convincing my funding body to let me change
  • + make the most of time I’ve spent so far
  • – I’d still have to do the stinking research
  • total = –

So far there’s a pretty clear winner (and I probably haven’t put in all the minuses I could on the PhD and Masters lists). I’m feeling pretty rational about it, I think, and I’m going to take some time to make sure, but it looks like my life might be taking a brand new direction. That’s pretty exciting. Now if only I was sure God approved. But for whatever reason He seems to be keeping schtum (or maybe I’m just not listening?).

In other news: the apartment complex where we’ll be staying in India has a swimming pool and gym attached. Fitness here we come! It also comes with cooking and cleaning staff. That’ll be weird. Thankfully they use less ghee in India than they do in restaurants here. That would not have been good for my waistline.


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