A request
May 30th, 2007 by teragram

So, as you probably know, we’ve bought a house. Said house is not exactly in tip-top condition, and that’s where the request comes in. We need to get quotes for the following services and products. Any suggestions would be appreciated (preferably by email, but a comment will do 🙂 )

Fireplace (to buy and install)
Heating system
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen cabinets
Wooden floor sanding and varnishing


Feminine fists of fury
May 28th, 2007 by teragram

Zoomie mentioned e-voting recently, and reading it reminded me of a post I had intended to write.

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, let me tell you that I’m a democracy nerd. I looked forward to getting the opportunity to vote so much that when I finally turned 18 I found out how to have myself added to the supplementary register so that I could vote in an upcoming referendum. I couldn’t have done what I did to stop e-voting here if I didn’t care as much as I do. Which is why C and I sat in front of the TV from 9am till 11:30pm on Friday watching the election coverage. We found it *exciting*.

Late into the evening John Bowman had Joe McCarthy on to talk (briefly) about e-voting. He introduced Joe by saying that he had “perhaps single-handedly” stopped the introduction of e-voting in Ireland. Before I go on to gripe, let me make two things clear. First, I don’t begrudge Joe the attention. Joe did amazing, wonderful, and important work in the fight against e-voting in Ireland. Not only that, but he’s much better at being interviewed than I am. He enjoys it, he gets the point across, and he’s fun to listen to. Second, I don’t have any interest in being on TV. I’m not in the least bit sorry that I was sitting comfortably on a couch on Friday evening rather than sitting across from John Bowman on live TV. I’m *glad* that I haven’t been on radio more than twice in the last two years.

Here’s my complaint: I’m fairly convinced that the reason I wasn’t asked to speak to John Bowman, and the reason he is able to think of Joe as fighting alone, is that I’m a girl. It’s not as if John Bowman’s never heard of me. I’ve discussed e-voting with him *in person*. He had me on the panel of Questions and Answers for goodness sake. But I’d be willing to bet I didn’t feature in his “from the archives” on e-voting on Sunday morning (I didn’t hear it all). And it’s not just John Bowman. When RTE’s Scannal did a review of the history of e-voting in Ireland they didn’t use footage from my appearances on either Questions and Answers or Primetime (neither I nor ICTE featured in the program at all, that I recall). Mind you, I don’t in the least blame Joe McCarthy; he’s probably said *my* name more times on radio than he has Martin Cullen’s. He didn’t mention me on Friday, but he didn’t have time.

Maybe I sound bitter, but it gets my goat. I can’t think of any reason why I’d be ignored this way other than my gender, and it makes me angry.


May 24th, 2007 by teragram

Most people I know do, or will, love XKCD (though don’t ask me where the current series is headed).

Also, FEAR MY TOMATO!!1!!!1!

May 4th, 2007 by teragram

As Zoomtard has noticed, I haven’t been posting much recently. Well suck it up. This may be the tiny one-tree oasis in a long teragram-drought. is an often-offensive web-cartoon, but I was amused by this one:
Ludid TV cartoon

especially once I found this picture of Richard Dawkins:
Richard Dawkins


Today I have otherwise been amused by:
Pour Quoi
Dave Hash
Lord of the Rings: an allegory of the PhD?

Teragram, parching your thirst

Maybe I *like* my L-plates
Mar 28th, 2007 by teragram

I didn’t just fail. I failed spectacularly. 1 grade 3 fault, 4 of the same kind of grade 2 fault, and more than 9 grade 2 faults overall. I failed three different ways! I didn’t even think it had gone particularly badly, but something about his body language on the way back to his desk gave him away. I guess I need more lessons.

Happily it looks like I’ll be taking them from the the driveway of my own home which I own!! Keys on Friday – fingers crossed.


Ode today
Mar 20th, 2007 by teragram

I know I had this morning
A bright and breezy day;
But now I am in mourning
My day has gone away.
I turned around
And it was gone,
Never to return.
The guilt abounds,
Look what I’ve done
I never seem to learn.

A silly game, a phonecall,
An email or a snack.
My thoughts on something small,
My thinking limp and slack.
Is that clock right?
It makes me squirm
It’s after afternoon.
It’s nearly night.
I can confirm
The noise days make is “zoom”.

I shouldn’t start the day with Reuters Oddly Enough
Mar 20th, 2007 by teragram

Now I’m picturing unstoppable swarms of super-mosquitoes, and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s amazing, and scary, the capacity some scientists seem to have to ignore the possible negative ramifications of their work.

On the other hand, this is very cool: The Arrow of Time.


Cynical electioneering, how are ya?
Mar 12th, 2007 by teragram

This morning we got a “summary of the government white paper on Irish aid” through the letter box. The white paper itself was published back in September, but I guess that was too far away from the election.



Dear BCI
Mar 9th, 2007 by teragram

Zoomtard is right, we should do more than complain to one another about the recent BCI decision. Later today I’m going to send the letter below to the BCI. Feel free to copy the text and use it as is, or modify it, but do send something!

Dear sir/madam,

I, like many others, was surprised and saddened by your decision to ban Trocaire’s ad campaign. I agree with Dóchas chairperson Helen Keogh “that the letter rather than the spirit of the law has been followed in this instance.” This decision sets a very undesirable precedent, and I ask you to reconsider.


** edit

The BCI can be contacted at:

2 – 5 Warrington Place,
Dublin 2.

Tel: + 353 1 644 1200
Fax: + 353 1 676 0948

Wearing my Captain Democracy hat …
Feb 25th, 2007 by teragram

I’ve probably told you this multiple times, but I’ll say it again. Democracy is the best form of government, not because it somehow allows you to choose the best leaders, but because it allows you to get rid of bad leaders. In many ways, benevolent dictatorship is the ideal; but benevolent dictators die, and their crazy son takes over.

As Churchill said:

Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those others that have been tried from time to time.

“All those others” — communism, dictatorship, anarchism — require benevolence on the part of those with power. The only mechanism they admit for the removal of despots is revolution, which usually comes after a long period of oppression, and brings with it bloodshed.

Democracy has this in common with Christianity: it recognises the limits of human benevolence. Democracy is prepared — in a way that other systems of governance are not — for the inevitable: human leaders will screw up. When it is working correctly, it never allows the power of those in government to become stable or assured. The system reserves the right to revoke all power. More than that, it revokes it on a regular basis. You could call it institutionalised revolution.

Cap’n D

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